NONE - Damp Chill of Life / Life Has Gone On Long Enough
Package design, branding, identity, art direction, logo
NONE is a music project I have collaborated with on behalf of Canadian record label Hypnotic Dirge. My goal was to capture their haunting music by allowing the listener to see inside the minds of the musicians. This was a full branding project which included the logo, type, photography, and packaging designs.
Damp Chill of Life (2019): For this release, I matched the cold tone of the album with photography in the Oregon wilderness in the middle of winter while hiking through snow. The photography was paired with the visual language from my work on Life Has Gone on Long EnoughThis language utilizes panoramic spreads, hand-drawn type, minimal information, and an over-the-top atmospheric feel.

Life Has Gone on Long Enough (2018): For my first project for the band, we wanted to create an epic packaging language using 360-degree panoramic photography for the 6-panel spread. The photography was taken in the Oregon wilderness while being surrounded by encroaching wildfires that destroyed this area. The "foggy" look is the product of the massive smoke plumes quickly advancing during the shoot. 

Commissioned projects.