Greetings, human.
I'm Sky, and I fancy myself a designer... and sometimes an artist, or musician, or writer. My full name is Skyler James Studach, but you can call me Sky, Skizz, Skittles, Skeez, or whatever you come up with. I am a native Oregonian, currently based in Portland.

I arrived at graphic design with an associates degree in multimedia design, a one-year certificate in web design, and almost two decades as a creative in underground music. Music allowed me to express myself in performance, writing, and recording with a variety of projects. My multimedia skills allowed me to help bands create identities, merchandise, websites, album layouts, illustrations, flyers, fan-zines, photography, videos, and whatever they needed.

Growing from these experiences, I find myself focused on identity/branding and package design as a means to tell stories and provoke emotion.

The human experience inspires me — artistic expression, emotion, and dramatic contrast. I love exploring the relationships of beauty and ugliness, kindness and anger, soft jazz and death metal, organization and chaos. I appreciate these sorts of relationships, regardless of medium.

In my free time, I enjoy many layers of fandom: horror, sci-fi, comics, art history, Dungeons & Dragons, and the occasional video game. I love discussing theories of reality, true crime, extra-terrestrials, the occult, and the paranormal. When I can unplug, I enjoy hiking, camping, beaches, rivers, and desert-based festivals. Our reality has some excellent graphics, if you take a moment think about it.

More than anything, I am passionate about growth: understanding expression, people, and myself. I aspire to work with intimate studios/agencies to bring big ideas to fruition. I look forward to the collaboration, education, and satisfaction that would bring. Nothing feels better than seeing your work manifested. Cheers to you, for being here with me.

Wanna make something new? Wanna talk about something weird? Hit me.